Album: Towards A Poorer Light

Recorded and mixed at Abbey Road Studios, Towards A Poorer Light is the first full length album of Aaron’s music.  The album is available directly from the composer for the cost of shipping.

Towards A Poorer Light


Track Listing & Featured Musicians

1. Night Mist (awarded a 2007 BMI Student Composer Award)
James Murray, Conductor

2. for reasons, perhaps to do with sorrow
Peter Gregson, Cello

3. Mendelssohn – Gondola Song in F#m (Arr. Holloway-Nahum)
Alexandra Reid, Violin; Lynn Carter, Piano

The Poorer Silence Now
Yukino Thompson, Oboe

4. Mov. I
5. Mov. II
6. Mov. III

7. Mendelssohn – Gondola Song in Gm

To Recover A Heartbeat
Neil Georgeson, Piano; Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Conductor

8. Mov. I
9. Mov. II

10. Simple Dances Inspired by Morning
David Worswick, Violin; Neil Georgeson, Piano

11. Mendelssohn – Gondola Song in Am

12. Towards A Poorer Light
Sarah Cresswell, Percussion; Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Conductor


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