The LPO Suspensions

In a recent letter to the editor at the Telegraph newspaper, a number of artists signed a petition protesting the suspension of four players from the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  The four players were suspended for ‘up to 9 months’ for signing a petition to cancel a BBC Concert and affixing their affiliation with the orchestra [...]

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Skin and Bones

[ September 7, 2011; 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. ] I’ve recently completed Skin and Bones (for Cor Anglais, Eb Clarinet, Percussion, and Cello). Skin and Bones was written for Ensemble Amorpha, and will be premiered at their ‘Nonclassical’ event on 7th September, at Troy Bar.

More details can be found here, or on the Facebook event page.

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